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Our course provides YOU with continuous support from our expert staff.Work with my company
in business since 1976.

Offer a proven financial service that’s in big demand.

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This is the only Note Brokering Course that includes key major investors that YOU can work with.

This is the only program that puts you in touch with a Niche List Broker where you can obtain 1000’s of existing note holders for Direct Mail Marketing.

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90 day money back Guarantee.

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we offer

note broker course

EARN HUGE COMMISSIONS Brokering cash flows like:

- Structured Settlements
- Real Estate Notes
- Business Notes
- Annuities
- And Other cash flows.

Become a Note Broker today
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Become a note broker

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As a result of being in the note buying business since 1976, we have uncovered a variety of very creative methods of finding more clients than you can handle.

We constantly search, find and evaluate investors that buy notes. The investors included in our note broker course are current, highly reputable and have a low yield requirement, which means a high ratio of closings for you. You will also receive very niche investors that specializes in buying business notes, annuities, structured settlements, corporate cash flow, and lottery winnings!”

As a recipient of our program you will have the opportunity of doing any of your deals directly with us, which is an excellent way for you to easily learn the business. Your client fills out a one-page form about the note, you fax it to us and we give you a quote within 24 hours. We will then transact the closing, which will be in the same county that the client is from. We then split the fee 50-50 with you and you will receive a check directly from the closing officer.

You have probably heard about the cash flow system, or discounting paper, as advertised on TV, or seminars that charge you $5,000 for their course. FORGET IT!!! I don’t want to put you in debt, I want to put you in business. You can start by working together with us as a team. It’s a way to make you 100 percent comfortable before working on your own. It’s a win-win situation. You learn the business and earn 50% of the fee and we get more business.


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"I must tell you this. I have been a professional for many years. I have been involved in all kinds of training programs and seminars. The point being, I have seen a lot of training materials and your broker programs are excellent! I am truly impressed! Some day I would like to meet you personally. You seem to be a remarkable individual. I don't make it a habit of writing letters such as this, especially to someone I have never met, but this one seems to be well deserved!"
W. Meyers -- IN

"Thank you for allowing us to be a part of the mortgage family. Your programs and consultation services are tremendous! We started with your program and documents, and in less than 6 months, have an office with 4 employees, around 150 clients with projections of $500,000 income in our first year."
R. Hill -- GA - 2006 - Wes-State -

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